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My purpose is to help people find the necessary tools to embrace their emotional “wounds” and live their life in a more conscious way. Through an Integral Psychotherapeutic approach that deals with both the mind and the body, I help people to get in touch with their most honest self and access their best life from within. Transformation can occur from a place of pain or a path of pleasure, whichever way the end goal is the same: healing.

Nicolás Jaramillo Yakovleva, Sexologist and Clinical Psychologist.

Clinical Hypnotherapist, EMDR Therapist, Bioenergetica Therapist and Masseur. Researcher of Sexual Communication and Corporality. Sexual Educator.

I’m Nicolás Jaramillo Yakovleva. Born and raised into a multicultural family, I was very young when I started to observe how impactful the difficulties of adapting to a new culture are for a family. I’ve always found myself as the observer and always wanted to understand the WHY’s and the HOW’s behind Intrapersonal and Interpersonal dynamics and their impact on people’s lives. Living now in a foreign country, highly multicultural, I deal with people from all over the world which makes me absolutely happy.

This curiosity and pain led me to my own road of self-healing and transformation. All integrating different aspects of my own being, different cultures and the passion and curiosity for different therapeutic perspectives and practices.

I got to experience both sides of the room: as “patient”/”client” , as well as a therapist. This gave me an integrated understanding of the therapeutic path. Passionate about different fountains of knowledge, I believe that approaching peoples’ issues from different integrated perspectives results in a more personalised success journey. Especially with the aid of responsible, experienced professionals who share the same goal: to help people around the globe through their passion.

I believe in us, and I have the trust that anyone can heal and transform towards a more pleasurable life and unleashed sexuality.

Work within! #BeIntegral


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Specialisation including: Release of Trauma, PTSD, Sexual Abuse, Sexual Therapy, Individual and Couples Therapy. Clinical and Sexological Hypnotherapy.


Trauma can happen at any point and time in our lives. When thinking about trauma, we should think about a “scar” or lasting “mark” in our story. Sometimes this mark is there to pinpoint and teach us something. How we deal with that mark, and how we grow from it, depends only on ourselves. You have the power to reach a deep transformation in your life.


PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, can appear after a while of living a traumatic event and persist during life. It is a common myth that only soldiers suffer from it, but realistically anyone that has experienced several traumas during their lifetime or a big traumatic event can develop PTSD. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Or EMDR is the most effective treatment nowadays and consists in the use of bilateral stimulation for reprocessing the traumatic information in our brains.
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Sexual Therapy

Most of “sexual dysfunctions” come from a psychological root and can mirror themselves in the body. They tend to influence and affect relationships. This is the main reason why I focus my work not only on resolving issues, but in enhancing PLEASURE.

Some of the sexual dysfunctions I help with:

  • Anorgasmia
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Vaginismus
  • Hypoactive Sexual Desire
  • Premature Ejaculation

Anxiety and Depression

An increasing number of people are affected by either anxiety, depression, or both, especially now with the disruption created by COVID.

One of the common mistakes is to look for pharmacological solutions which can only reduce symptoms. However, they do not resolve the internal conflict, nor the root and reason why these issues occurred. Sadly, often these medicines have various unwanted side effects, affecting even more our quality of life, our sexual and interpersonal relationships.​

The treatment I focus on when treating depression and anxiety is based on an integrative therapeutic approach using diverse psychotherapeutic tools such as hypnotherapy or mindfulness.

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Couples Therapy

A therapeutic space for couples who need to address different issues, whether these are caused by infidelity, break-ups, divorce, illness and/ or the loss of a family member, sexual related issues, fights or financial problems.

I will help you transform your couple relationship to improve your communication, and enhance pleasure in your sexuality.

Body Centered Therapies: Bioenergética, Esalen Massage, Erotic Growth Practices

When talking about mental health it is unusual to treat the body, most people think that it is only about a conversational process. But the body and the mind are inseparable and it is primordial to address them together. Traumatic experiences are also stored in the body, as everything is connected through the nervous system. Mental conflict usually creates and manifests symptoms in the body.

Sexual therapy focuses on treating the root of the sexual issue while bioenergetic therapy helps out the process by expressing and processing any emotions stored in your physical aspect.

It is an important step in the therapeutic process to learn how to reprogram and treat corporality, both as a couple and as individuals.
Focusing on sensitisation and desensitisation, the practice consists in understanding and removing any physical and emotional blockages.​

The body approach helps in developing our sensuality and connection to pleasure, with exercises that improve orgasms, sensitivity and consciousness.


Individual Therapy

A 1 to 1 process in which we dive into the mind and body to work on the demands from an Integral approach, with scientific and psychodynamic tools to help your unique needs.

Group Therapy

Support groups for topics such as sexual abuse, trauma, PTSD, anxiety and more. A safe space to talk, feel understood, heal and transform with others.

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Clinical and Sexological Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is used as a tool to improve mental and sexual health, by utilizing trance states to go deeper into the person’s subconscious mind it can be used to help accelerate the therapeutic processes and help out with symptoms that are usually difficult to deal with. I specialize in Hypno – Paresthesia, Anesthesia, Dissociation and Sexual Dysfunctions.

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